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Photo Story: Destruction – Part 1

Are you having a long, stressful week? Then lets break stuff! This is not an original concept, but it’s something that I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot.
I started by sketching compositions in my awesome moleskin hipster notepad. I like to doodle out ideas first because it will help me gather my thoughts and I can make notes as to what props or special equipment I might need.


Next I went to a craft store and purchased some lightbulbs and a glass bottle that I thought might shatter in a cool manner. As you can see from the video, I did struggle  getting these inexpensive pieces of glass to break. As it turns out, breaking things can be trickier than one might assume! I also had this idea of sprinkling some baby powers on the glass with a hypothesis that the power would fly everywhere and create some interesting atmosphere.  When all else failed, the baby powder worked like a charm!

Here is one of my top picks from the shoot:

In the end, this was a worthy experiment and I plan on doing a reshoot in the near future. Destruction, Part 2!

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