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Foster Barn Tours

This is a sweet opportunity to shoot tons of great photographs. The Foster Preservation Society does this event about every two years. It usually happens in September and cost about $10 for the self-guided tour. They give you a map and the rest is up to you. You get to visit eight or so barns in the Foster area. Each one is chuck-full photographic awesomeness! Be prepared for a long day of shooting. Last time I went it lasted about five hours and I didn’t even get through all the barns! Bring extra batteries, memory cards and most importantly snacks! Check the link provided to see when it’s happening again.


Photo Locations, Photography

Roger Williams Park

RWP is comprised of a zoo and open park grounds. I’m not much into shooting zoo animals, but the park grounds are quite large. I think the best thing about this location is there are so many different visual subjects to photograph in a reasonably sized area. Some subjects to check out: a historic house, a Japanese garden, a working carousel, a gazebo, a botanical garden, and a Greek temple. I would think that on a good day you could easily spend three hours roaming around the grounds.

1000 Elmwood Avenue
Providence, RI 02907

Photo Locations, Photography

Slater Mill

Slater Mill is a historic textile mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The outside grounds are free to walk around. You can also pay to take a tour of the interiors of the mill buildings. There are a few mill buildings, but the one subject you don’t want to miss is the water falls. If going during the day, you might want to bring a ND filter so you can drag your shutter speed. This is not a large location, but once you are done with the mills, you can browser around downtown Pawtucket which has some additional historic buildings and sites.

67 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860