Stepping Stone Falls

This place is a hidden gem in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. The falls are small but vigorous in their movements and they travel over many layers of stone. Hence the name: Stepping Stone Falls. I spent close to two hours shooting just the falls. Due to the natural terrain along the sides of the falls, you are able to get in very close to the flowing water. At the end of the falls a small bridge allows access from one side of the river to the other. There is also a hiking trail that leads to a cabin-style shelter. The cabin is about a ten minute walk from the end of the falls.

Parking is tricky because there are no formal parking spots. Once you get to the bridge (see it at the top of the frame in the first photo below) there is a clearing of packed dirt you can park on. I would think if you park tight enough, you could fit 4 cars in the “clearing.” I don’t think there is a street address for where the falls begins. I used my GPS and entered 1 Falls River Road. That took me to the very beginning of the Falls River road. From there you can only go one direction, heading toward the bridge and the parking space. As you drive down Falls River the road will eventually change from paved to dirt. The parking clearing isn’t too far after you hit the dirt road.

If you plan on dragging out your shutter speed to show the movement of the water, I would recommend a ND filter of at least 4 stops and of course you must have a tripod.

Falls River Road
West Greenwich, RI

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