‘Tis the Season for Slow Sync Flash

With the holidays upon us and homes and streets extra illuminated for the season, now is a great time to demonstrate a feature on your camera called Slow Sync Flash. This is a incredibly easy feature to enable and will render significantly better results in your photographs. Take a quick look at the video below and then scroll down for a side-by-side recap.

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Light Painting

Light Painting is a technique that I enjoy applying to still life images. I use a small, single LED pen light. One mistake folks make is using a flashlight with a beam that projects too broad of a light pattern. For example, the small LED light on your cel phone, though it looks like nothing significant, actually throws out a very wide beam of light and doesn’t work well for this Continue reading



The early 2000’s were the dark ages of online print services. I tried a bunch of them: Apple, Ofoto, CafePress and probably a few others that are no longer around. They all had one thing in common… the prints were not very good.  Then I stumbled upon an Mpix.com advertisement  while thumbing through a photography magazine in 2003.  I figured “what the heck, I’ll give them a try.”  I created an account and ordered some 8×10’s of my more difficult to reproduce photographs. About a week later a white box showed up on my doorstep and to my pleasant surprise the quality of the prints was pretty amazing!  The tonal accuracy was as spot on as anyone could get. Getting the tones correct was the biggest issue I had with the other print services. I was thrilled! Continue reading