John Symko Szymkowicz
John “Symko” Szymkowicz

I am an artist and educator residing in Warwick, Rhode Island. I began my career  in the mid-nineties creating motion graphics for broadcast television and corporate videos.  I have produced media for a wide range of clients such as The Rhode Island Children’s Crusade, Tony Pires for Governor, and NABsys to name a few. During that time I won three national Silver Telly Awards for motion graphic design.

In the early 2000’s I began to show a strong interest in photography.  I started shooting on film, but soon went digital when the first DSLR cameras hit the market.  Since that time I have expanded my skills to include the use of off-camera flashes and other studio equipment.  My passion for creating images has led me to host several workshops teaching others the basic of image capture using their own digital cameras.  My work has been exhibited in many local coffee shops and at the Warwick Museum of Art.

My primary role over the past couple of decades has been as an educator, teaching an array of college courses pertaining to several aspects of graphic design. I have created and supported curriculum across several disciplines ranging from typography to motion graphics. 

Currently, as a hobby, I’ve combined my digital prowess with my crafting skills to build performance puppets. I find it to be a wonderful distraction from the computer screen, and my prior proficiency in creating vector graphics has come in useful for fabricating puppet parts!

Looking ahead I have a strong interest in augmented reality as it pertains to marketing and storytelling. I’m looking forward to experimenting with my current digital toolset and applying it the various A.R. scenarios.