Typographic Letter Form Table

I’ve always felt that shape and form were powerful design elements. This most likely entered my conscience by looking through a camera lens and also by viewing the photographic works of Paul Strand. Years later I was reintroduced to this topic while viewing the design work of Malcom Grear who throughout his career mastered the use of letter forms in logotype branding. In trying to take it to another dimension, I decided to take a crack at designing a table that demonstrated using letter forms as a piece of artwork.

Here’s a short video outlining the process:

Like all things, it starts with a few sketches and notes:

Next, the characters were designed:
All the Adobe Illustrator files were brought into 3d software where they could be pre-visualized on the table:

The forms were laser cut by Woodland Mfg:

A woodworking friend created a frame for the letters:


I applied all the stain and finishings and created some legs:


Final Product:


Interested in more letter form experiments? Check the link below!

Here are more examples of letter form experiments using 3d space.

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