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The Art of 3d Animation and Effects

The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects by Isaac Kerlow is an amazing read for anyone who wants to learn the theory behind 3d generated imagery. I read through the first three editions and the book is currently on a fourth edition. Kerlow does a great job of taking complex 3d principles and breaking them down into easy to understand concepts. He also has great illustrations to aid in understanding the principles. At the start of the book there is an insane timeline that takes the reader through history and identifies the top visual effects movies at that time along with break technological throughs in computer graphics. Most of the stuff I currently know about 3d graphics and visual effects I learned from this book. Highly recommend!


1. Animation, Visual Effects, and Technology in Context
2. Creative Development and the Digital Process
3. Modeling Concepts
4. Modeling Techniques
5. Advanced Modeling and Rigging Techniques
6. Rendering Concepts
7. The Camera
8. Lighting
9. Shading and Surface Characteristics
10. Principles of Animation
11. Computer Animation Techniques
12. Advanced Computer Animation Techniques
13. Visual Effects Techniques
14. Retouching, Compositing and Color Grading
15. Image Resolution and Output

Here’s the book on Amazon

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